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December 10, 2009

Montana is beautiful.

Montana is beautiful.

Just wanted to clear that up if you had any doubts. And when people ask me why I voluntarily moved here from 70°F to -10°F days that will be my response. Need I say more? Just one glimpse out any window confirms what I’m saying. Sure LA might be warmer and beautiful in its own right, but to me LA stands out for it’s chaos, diversity and intensity. Not Montana.

I am only a few hours into my first full day in Montana. I arrived yesterday at lunchtime and was greeted by a cold blast of -15°F air as I stepped out of one of the smallest airports I have ever been to, Bozeman. My cousin Kevin picked me up in between his classes at Montana State. He told me there was rumor of a heat wave coming to the area soon. Apparently a heat wave means above zero.

In the short drive from the airport to his house I was transfixed by all the white stuff on the ground. Yes, snow. I know to many of you around the world this substance is nothing to talk about and is in fact a big nuisance. But, I am a So-Cal native and we don’t get much of the stuff. The most snow I have seen in the last few years was in Bristol and even there it was a big deal. The city basically stopped at a loss for what to do when their streets were covered in ice and wet slushy stuff. So I am in awe and in luck because the Pacific Northwest has just experienced a big storm—Bozeman is covered in white.

Bozeman sits in a valley with the mountains in the not to far off distance. I will be moving into those mountains to a popular resort town called Big Sky. I am going to be living in my Aunt and Uncle’s newly built house and working in a wonderful restaurant called Buck’s T4. I’m excited and a bit nervous about all the changes. I’m pretty used to picking up and moving having done it a great deal in the past three years but I never seem to get over the initial anxiety and excitement surrounding starting up again somewhere new.

I have never lived somewhere as small as Big Sky where there is one stoplight, everyone knows everyone and knows everything about everyone. I have never lived in the “country.” I have never had a white Christmas. There are a lot of firsts coming my way. I am most excited about living in nature for the first time. That might sound a bit cliché, but I really believe that surroundings have a major effect on a person. My favorite poets are all from the Romantic period and they held nature in high regard. Wordsworth recommended spending time in nature like it was a form of medicine for one’s soul. I believe that Wordsworth and his contemporaries were right to hold nature in high regard. As I spend more and more time here in Big Sky I will come to better understand just what Wordsworth was talking about.


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