2 Beards and I’m Back

February 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember me?

If you don’t, I can’t say I’m surprised. I create a blog, invite you all to come read it and then I just disappear. It is kind of hard to read nothing, isn’t it? I didn’t even post my beard picture last week. But never fear I have returned from my abyss and am offering up two pictures this week in hopes that you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

My inability to regularly update my blog reminds me a little bit of something Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in Eat, Pray, Love. Gilbert travels to India to live and meditate in her guru’s ashram. Like most of us constantly on the go people, hours and hours of meditation, sitting and doing nothing, is a bit of a struggle for Gilbert. She writes that at one point while meditating she gets the idea to create her own meditation room at home. She gets really excited and imagines painting it gold, and starts coming up with all these details. Then wham! it hits her, that instead of actually meditating in the present moment, she is making plans to meditate in the future. How often am I guilty of the same counter productive logic? A lot.

It has been like that with my blog. Sometimes when I’m supposedly working on my blog I get all these great ideas for other blogs I could write and then I begin planning those out. I go to wordpress.com and check to see what web addresses are available, I start to think about the layout, and my mind continues to wander. It is so much easier to plan, to come up with ideas, to dream, than to actually do. Doing is difficult, in the case of my blog, it’s the writing that is difficult. But hey, wasn’t that my reasoning for starting a blog in the first place, to become a better writer through regular practice?

I think Gilbert’s situation also illustrates a very important point about living in the present moment. Meditation is very mentally taxing because it is about completely immersing oneself in the present moment. Her mind wandering, just as mine does when I am working on something, shows how it is our natural tendency to stray away from the here and now. In our heads we are constantly in the past or future when all we ever have is NOW. Funny how difficult it is to live in the NOW, when it is all we will ever have.

And speaking of the present moment, I’m supposed to be at a skate ski class right now.

Beard #1:

Beard #2:


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