Body Pump: Grrrrrrr!

February 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

How would you like to have a tiny brazen woman not only torturing you but growling at you as well? Go to the 8am body pump class is Big Sky and you can have all of that and more.

For those of you not familiar with Body Pump, it is a 60 minute barbell workout routine set to music. It was created by the clever Les Mills in New Zealand, who I believe secretly had plans to torture people around the world under the guise of fitness. The music I’d normally be jumping up and down to at 1am in a club is instead used as the beat for squats, push-ups, lunges, tricep dips and a slew of other fun things that have made my muscles sore only 10 hours later. Boy, I can’t wait to see how hard it is to climb out of bed tomorrow.

I do have to say that if I had to be subjected to this form of civilized torture anywhere in the world there is no better place than Big Sky. Our fitness class is in a little studio with windows on all sides, meaning gorgeous views on all sides. This morning we all paused from the sweating and growling long enough to marvel at how the sunlight perfectly bathed the peak in warm morning light. It truly was breathtaking. So as I sweated, made a fool of myself, failed to have proper form and stick my rather large butt out as I pumped those weights at least I was surrounded by all that beauty. I could look out and see that freedom wasn’t that far away.

I was the youngest and newest member of the class and I was pretty terrible. Form is not my strong suit. Guess it has been a while since I did any sort of weight lifting.  I was repeatedly scolded for not getting my buns back there. Oh yes, I have to stick my butt out for all to see—so glad that I was in the dead front of the class. And our instructor really did growl at us, apparently that is part of the Les Mills program. Hey at least I had something to laugh at besides my lack of coordination and overall clumsiness.

Can’t wait until the next class.


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