You Can Run in the Snow

February 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

So I had this image in my head of myself running in the fresh Montana snow and people driving by laughing at me. I mean why would anyone run when you can grab your board or skis and head up the mountain? Or if they didn’t laugh outright they’d definitely be thinking, “Hmmm, she’s not from around here, now is she?” The last thing I want is to be known as the flash LA girl. Well, the few times I’ve opted to run I think, I hope, that I’ve managed to resemble a local, or at least not look like I’m straight from California.

Today was a spectacular day for a run. No gloves or ear warmers necessary and I ascribe to the philosophy that less is more when it comes to running attire. The first time I tried running in Big Sky, I was so scared by the cold weather that I dressed myself up like a little snow bunny. Maybe three minutes into the run I was dripping in sweat and pealing the layers off. I’ve learned from that first experience that Under Armour is really a gift from the exercise gods and actually worth the ridiculous price I paid for my leggings and top. I thought dri-fit in general was awesome, but UA is by far the best invention. Everytime I head outside for some winter sport I rock UA and it keeps the sweat away and the cold off. It really is miraculous stuff.

I’ve also discovered Yak Trax. Great gadgets that pop onto your shoes so that the snowy, icy conditions don’t cause you to fall and really make passers by laugh at you. They give you added grip and traction and prevent you from having a sore bum.

Another really fun thing about running here in Big Sky is altitude. So not only was I desperately hot on my first run I was also remarkably out of breath. I couldn’t quite figure out why a week in Montana had made me so out of shape. Of course, after careful thought I remembered that competitive runners train at altitude for a reason, the oxygen thin air makes you get just that much more out of your workout.

After two months, I notice the altitude less but it stills feels damn hard in the brisk air. I keep telling myself that it will be such a reward to run in California again. But altitude aside, I saw two moose sitting in the willow trees today. What strange animals; they are majestic and extremely ridiculous looking all at once. And I’m pretty sure I never glimpsed any animals quite as impressive as moose on a run through the streets in the San Fernando Valley.


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