-27°F is Cold

February 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

When we had a short cold spell not so long ago, I finally experienced cold. At 2am I sat in a running electric blue VW bug, with the temperature outside reading -27°F, with out any heat. It is pretty unfortunate to have your heat break in the middle of winter, especially if you live in Montana. I thought I needed a heater in southern California, in Montana, where they actually have winter, a heater is a must, must, must!

To deice her windshield, my friend, L, keeps an empty plastic gallon size container at the ready for her to fill up with boiling water. She then proceeds to slowly pour it over her windshield and uses a rag to try and remove the ice. Of course, it has now gotten to the point where there is ice on both the outside and inside of her windows. I couldn’t see anything through the passenger’s window—it was one big playground for Jack Frost.

I waited in the car in these horrific temperatures wondering if I had ever really known what it was to be cold until that moment? Finally, real certifiable cold.

It got even better the next day. I decided to accompany L into Bozeman to see whether or not her heating system could be salvaged. Fortunately, it was only -12°F on the way into Bozeman. That was the longest 45-minute journey of my 25 years. My feet almost froze off. I even brought an extra coat to wrap myself in and did my best to keep my feet off the car floor thinking that the further away from the actual outside the better chance they stood at avoiding frost bite. These meager attempts to keep warm failed.

Quite literally, the second we pulled up to the auto shop I jumped out of L’s car and abandoned her and the icebox of a car for the heated confines of the shop office. Sorry L. I don’t know how long it took for me to regain feeling in my feet, but it was far too slow in coming. The nice receptionist peered over the counter with piqued interest at the sight of me. Apparently, she found the little jig I performed to encourage blood flow to my lower appendages a bit odd.

Fortunately, the nice auto shop boys took pity on our pathetic state and agreed to fix the bug’s heat right there and then. Those words were like a resounding hallelujah from a chorus of angels. L and I would not have to endure another 45 minutes of frozen hell.


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