Bring on the Snow…Please

March 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Please, please, please, make it snow! I’m begging whoever it is that controls the weather to please honor Big Sky with some of that fluffy white stuff. Stop wasting it on east coasters, they don’t even want it.

Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? I’m from southern California. We don’t really get much in the way of snow. Surely I ought to be enjoying the 40°F March day? I could have worn shorts and a t-shirt today it was so warm in the sun. But it really just made me depressed. I want snow.

Everything is fading from a nice soft white blanket to ugly brown. Yes, the sky is a terrific blue and the sun sure does feel nice but that doesn’t make for frosted trees and powder days on the mountain. We have all of April through October to enjoy those things. It is only March 1st. I did not move from California so that I could have more boring California winter. (I know that if any of my friends from the UK were to read this they would be absolutely disgusted by my bad taste in weather).

Last week, when I was baking cupcakes for my cousin’s birthday I was delighted every time I looked out the window to see snowflakes falling. I stopped at one point and brought my face as close to the window as possible with out touching it to marvel at snowflakes falling, a gift from god if you ask me. I love snow. I love, love, love it. There is a reason people in England really love sunshine, they only get about a day a year. And people like me who come from LA, well snow is pretty much a novelty, and even though I’ve been looking at it the past three months straight, that novelty has not worn off.

I think that is one of the most exciting things about constantly immersing yourself in new surroundings, what seems mundane and boring to regulars of a certain habitat, is like Christmas everyday for the newcomer. People love LA for it’s consistently great weather, whereas I abhor that consistency. I want seasons, extremes, change, snow and lots of it.

We should always try to appreciate our surroundings no matter how many times, over how many years, we have looked out that same window, or driven down that same road. But there is nothing like a little change to spice things up. When we come back from a long vacation, we typically long for home, even if we originally fled to the an island or some far off place to escape weather, traffic, people, you name it in our place of residence. Traveling makes us remember why we call somewhere home in the first place and forces us to appreciate the comfort home lends even with all the predictability or unpredictability depending.


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