Hi Books, It’s Me Tori

April 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

I miss reading.

I haven’t read a book since laying on a sunchair poolside on an overly large boat somewhere off the coast of Florida. I am a bloody English major for goodness sakes. I should be reading books like there is no tomorrow. But no, not a single book. I moved here right after I stepped off that boat, so let’s see that means, December, January, February, oh my god, AND March have all gone by and nothing. This book fast began purposely. No books until I finished my grad school applications. Well, that is over and done with, and hey they even accepted me too. This all took place in January. Over two months ago.

What on earth have I been doing since then? What has prevented me from picking up a book and reading it? There is no shortage of books that I desire to read. The list is surely endless. And it’s not as if I don’t have access to books what with the ability to purchase just about everything on the worldwide web and they’ll even send it to my obscure location. Or I could walk down the hall and select a book from the numerous shelves in my Aunt’s study, many of which I’d love to read. What am I waiting for?

It’s true that I have had other obligations and spent a lot of time outside snowboarding, but funny that I haven’t missed an episode of Bones, House, NCIS and a slew of other shows (thanks again to the internet and DVRs). I’ve even gotten on a Gilmore Girls kick lately. I’ve had time for all of this, but not one book. The book gods must be very very angry with me. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a hail storm of classics rained down from the heavens upon me.

I do read. It is hard to get through the day with out a few words entering my noggen. I read menus, I read cookbooks, I read Facebook and I read blogs, but what about books? I’m the one spouting the evils of Kindle and iPad because they might lead to the demise of hand held paper bound books, just as MP3 players basically murdered CDs. It seems from my actions that I have completely forsaken books, and have left them all alone to fight a loosing battle against technology.

I keep waiting until I catch up on all the things I need to accomplish before I read. At this rate, I will never so much as look at, let alone pick up and open another book, because my laundry list of things to do will carry me into next century and I’m pretty sure reading a lot of books is on that list. Explain that paradox to me.

I need to read. I really really need to read. I must break this fast and return to my first love. It is so simple, just pick up a book, open it and begin on page one. And then just keep reading. It’s like going for a run, sometimes it is just so hard to put that first foot out the door, but if you can do that, it is pretty much downhill from there (and sometimes uphill and downhill and uphill again, but you know what I mean). Reading should be even easier, because it is all for fun and enjoyment. No one is forcing me to read anything except that which I want. So if I wanted to, I could read Joyce’s Ulysess, but let’s be honest I’m not mad. Instead, I’d like to read Committed, and finally finish Under the Tuscan Sun, oh and a couple new ones I came across today by food bloggers, A Homemade Life, and The Sweet Life in Paris. And if I named every book I want and hope to read, we’d be here longer than if I listed all the things I hope to accomplish. So we’ll just call it good and I’ll say goodnight. And I’m going to try opening a book and see what happens.


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