Anyone else suffering from multitasking overload?

April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been awake for about two hours and thus far I have managed to completely accomplish, finish, end, two tasks. These being eat breakfast and brush my teeth (No one likes morning breath after all). I’ve been meaning to get up and grab a glass of water for the last 30 minutes, wait make that 60, but instead I’ve been sidetracked by a million other tasks. (Note: I was able to get up when I heard the familiar signal of a new text message, but did I quench my thirst?)

At this present moment I am in the process of:

1. Downloading photos from my camera
2. Backing up my iPhoto library
3. Burning photos from a different computer to upload to my computer
4. Downloading old Gossip Girl episodes in iTunes that I have paid for but never downloaded
5. Trying to figure out Google Reader and how I can keep track of posts that I really like
6. Wallowing in self pity that the internet and the social media tools have gotten so out of hand so quickly that I am now like a fish who’s allergic to water when I even try to understand the internet with its Tumblr, Twitter Lists, wikis, Delicious, Diggs, Stumble Upon…Ahhhhhhhhhh
7. Trying to upload photos to Facebook
8. Making a To Do list in a journal
9. I’m also attempting to fold laundry and make my bed
10. And reading a dozen different blogs,
11. Writing my own blog entry
12. Paying my Verizon bill

Oh and breathing, can’t forget that all too important activity.

To many of you, this is nothing new. This is life in 2010 and if you can’t keep up then you’re out of luck. But sometimes I wonder if I really want to keep up. What is the cost of becoming such an insane multitasker and organizer that I can handle everything that is on offer on the internet? I think the cost is that I find myself less and less capable of sitting still. My attention span is shot, I constantly need to be doing something, I’m easily bored if not stimulated by an outside source (this can be laptop, TV, person, snowboarding, dogs). But I can’t just sit. Not that I was really ever any good at that, but now I’m definitely worse. I really believe in meditation of all sorts and I think now more than ever we all need to be meditating, to come back to the present moment and focus solely on that.

Another drawback of being overly tasked in 2010–because it so often involves the internet–is that it is so easy to get sucked in to sitting on your ass. Maybe this is why people have iPhones and Blackberries, because they can stay plugged into the internet from anywhere, like the treadmill. Thanks but I think I will keep my exercise time and Facebook time separate. Today, as you can see, I’ve spent the first two hours of my day with my large bum glued to the couch. And I could very well spend my entire day here, I could spend my entire day just reading all the interesting blogs on display. Who knows how many hours will pass before I finally get that glass of water? Wait, that’s it, I’m getting that glass of water, right now!

Much better. As I was saying, I might spend all day on this couch because I have so many things to do that involve me, my laptop and this couch. Just five feet away stands a door and that is all that separates me from mother nature and one of the warmest and most beautiful Montana spring days. Just another 20 ft from that door is a river and pine trees and marvelous nature. But, one thing on the internet always seems to lead to ten other things, which leads to 20 more and before I know it five hours have passed and instead of accomplishing three things I have started about 50 things and I am really really thirsty. Oh, and I never opened that door and went outside.

Balance. How desperately I need balance. I chose to stay in Montana because I have a love for the outdoors that has captured my heart in ways I never imagined. But I don’t go outside because I have way too many things to do and I try and do them all at once and freely add multiple other tasks to the list with out finishing my initial tasks. Hence, why I said I needed to have three goals for this year. Just three, or else nothing would get done. I’m so afraid of missing out on things I miss out on things. Nature for instance. I start doing fifty things because I want to build my own personal Rome in a day. Before I know it I’m working on ten Romes at one time, and I can’t even see Rome anymore. And I didn’t go outside. Balance. Life requires balance. I crave balance. I want to go outside, which means I need to stop my futile attempts at building my Rome in a day. I have my whole lifetime to slowly create that, and I will create my Rome. Will it be one in which I step outside and sit still from time to time or a constant battle to keep up with the world in order to not miss out?


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