It’s Raining or Snow is Not the Pain in the Ass You Imagine it to Be

April 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve never heard it rain in this house before. Snow is silent. It’s funny how I have always imagined snow to be this great big fuss, a tremendous inconvenience, but really it’s no such thing. Rain on the other hand, is all those things. Get caught in the rain with out an umbrella and you’re soaking wet. Not wearing the right shoes and wham cold, sopping feet for the rest of the day. Sure, snow can yield the same effects but I have found it to be a bit more of challenge. With rain, it just happens. Step in a puddle and splash, your jeans are wet in the places your lovely galoshes don’t protect. Sometimes it’s raining so hard with the wind blowing that an umbrella is utterly worthless, you need a full body waterproof suit and man those are hot. To get soaked by the snow I pretty much have to plop myself in a snow bank and crawl around, maybe even make a few snow angels.

Don’t get me wrong, snow is a tremendous force that draws life to a standstill at times (especially in places not equipped to handle snow in great magnitudes, like the whole east coast this past winter, I am sure you all very much disagree with me. I however, live in snowville where we’re very prepared). It seems though, that people are more apt to forgivingly bring life to a halt and believe it is a reasonable thing to do when snow is involved. With rain, even when it is a torrential storm we often just keep on trucking. After all, it’s only a little rain.

I will admit my extensive snow experience is not extensive. I have lived in Big Sky for one winter and we have nice dry snow. So people in the Midwest or places with much more humidity, forgive me if this is all just snow blasphemy. Rain, though, I know rain. I lived in bloody England for god’s sakes where summer starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Wednesday. And the rest of the time it’s the land of endless drizzle. I can promise you that I have found Montana snow and dry climate less of a nuisance than damp dank Britain. That aside, I love England and very much looking forward to my return there. I am only slightly masochistic by the way.

And just to confuse you, I’ve said all of the above as if I rain and I were not friends, but no such thing is true. I love rain. Long ago, rain and I had a nice chat and I decided to forgive rain its faults because I so highly favored its assets. So rain, please keep on pouring. I have missed your pitter-patter on the roof and my accidentally wet jeans. I’ve enjoyed your brother snow, but it’s your turn now to entertain and plague as you please.


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§ One Response to It’s Raining or Snow is Not the Pain in the Ass You Imagine it to Be

  • Tori says:

    I can’t believe it was raining in April. Because it then proceeded to snow for more than seven days straight in the beginning of May. It seems impossible that all the snow was gone by then.

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