Spinster Cat Lady, Here I Come

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m wallowing here in the slippery slope that comes with asking yourself the wrong questions, namely why don’t I have a boyfriend? Never ask yourself such a stupid question, because it’s never stops with just one. Next it’s why am I alone, what’s wrong with me, and suddenly you’re turning all weepy and making declarations like, “I’m doomed to be the crazy spinster cat lady!” A bit dramatic? Nah…

For the most part I am either happy or fine with being single, except on days like today and most of last December and the first half of January too, but other than that I’m content (okay, so that sounds like a lot, but there are 12 whole months in the year. and that allusion to past discontent, don’t worry I’ll get to that in another post, cross my heart). Being 25, ambitious and semi-nomadic makes relationships challenging. Couple that with my recent knack of falling far too easily for the wrong men and it’s a perfect disaster. So when I’m sane and not imagining the cats multiplying around me I realize that I’m right where I need to be at the moment.

But…sometimes I just miss relationships and I’m sad.


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