Stress Be Gone

August 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

1. Getting in the car and driving. Lately, I’ve been under a bit of stress and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to climb into my little Subaru and coast down the canyon into town. I get 45 minutes of uninterrupted solitude, 45 minutes of mental freedom, 45 minutes out of cell range. I’m calm from the moment I turn onto the black top.

2. Going into a bookstore, anywhere, or just looking a few rows of books. I love books…love, love, love them. And they have such a calming affect on me. The second I’m through the doors of the bookstore all anxiety and anticipation melt away. Books are my safe haven; I remember when I traveled in Europe I found a bookstore in nearly every city I went to. Early into my backpacking trip I was in Belgrade and had an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about just what the hell I was doing there and alone for that matter. I wanted to run back to my hostel and pull the covers over my head, but instead the lure of bookstore was too much to resist, especially with the new Paulo Coehlo advertisements in the window. I walked inside and all was right in my world again.

3. Checking my Google Reader to see which of my favorite food blogs have been updated (ahem,, Food is just so simple. We all need it to survive, we have to eat every day, we all pretty much want it too taste good. Cooking is wonderful because there is a clear start and finish. You want to bake a cake, well you get a recipe and you follow it, maybe you add a few twists along the way, but it essentially always involves gathering and mixing of ingredients, and popping it into the oven. Yes, I know all forms of cooking can be painstaking and elaborate and complex, but that doesn’t diminish the clear start or finish. Other projects in my life aren’t so easily mapped out. I take solace in the formation of food for this reason. I know where to begin and where I’m going to end. And food blogs, give me inspiration. I look at the pictures, read the stories and I dream happy dreams of tarts, risottos, savory oatmeal and oh so much more.


§ One Response to Stress Be Gone

  • andrea says:

    actually this is the just the end of the very stressful first wedding shoot. you needed to think of all the ways of decompression to help relax. did you sleep last night?

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