Have I Lost My Travel Mojo?

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking about traveling a lot lately. When this summer season first started off I had this grand notion of finally getting to Central America, liked I’ve talked about since I finished my first round the world excursion 2 years ago. But this summer in no way went as planned, and while I didn’t get the pleasure of enjoying many of the wonderful summer time activities Montana has to offer, summer has far exceeded my expectations. Suddenly, I’ve had so many incredible opportunities come my way, I’m literally wake up each morning thinking, ‘Is it really possible that I’m going to be/am a photographer?’

Anyways, I’ve been living vicariously through a friend’s solo sojourn through Europe, and it has definitely moved travel to the forefront of my mind. Too, I think I’ve worked harder this summer than ever before and I’m craving a break, some time to myself, some time of peace, some time where it is just me and my camera wandering around a place I’ve never seen. My experiences traveling thus far have forever infected me with the travel bug. I’m an addict and  I can’t imagine that my addiction will ever die. I know the potential disasters, wonders, lessons and happiness that comes from travel. Experiences not easily replicated in everyday life. Sometimes you’ve just got to get up and go.

But as I begin to possibly formulate some plausible plan based off my savings, my work responsibilities, and the time I expect to have, I’ve found myself shying away from certain places and ideas. Fears are rising that I thought I long ago overcame. I’ve done the solo travel thing, sometimes with plans, sometimes not. I’ve been to many places that many Americans can’t believe I braved alone, but my experiences have taught me that no bravery was involved. Once you’re out there you realize that most places aren’t that scary, that we’re all just humans trying to make it, requiring and searching for the same things. But now, I find myself thinking, hmmm, maybe I should just stick to the UK, they all speak English.  Or if I went to Europe how about France because I know someone I can visit and then I won’t have to worry about getting lost. Seriously, are those the thoughts going through my mildly worried head? And then I start thinking, I wonder if place X is safe?

Where did these thoughts come from? Is it because I’ve been out of the game for over a year?  Has the small town mentality really settled in so much so that I’m that frightened of unknown places? Part of these unusual trepidations are a result of feeling just plain worn out.  And travel anywhere, but especially somewhere foreign can be a hassle. But the fear I feel surprises me. Part of me is suddenly scared of the “other,” and I wonder where on earth did those feelings come from? If anything ridding yourself of those fears is one of the number one reason we should all travel internationally at some point in our lives.


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