The Lost Generation

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just started reading The Lost Girls, a travel memoir by three twentysomethings who quit their coveted NYC jobs, to take a year long detour around the world. Of course this book appeals to me, I’ve done something similar in my twenties, and I want to do it again in my later twenties, and I’m thrilled to be reading about other girls similar to me who left their careers for a year to follow their travel dreams.

I’m only a little way in but I thought I’d share this quote with you:

“Dubbing ourselves “The Lost Girls,” a term describing both our own uncertainty¬† about the future and an emotional state we felt represented many in our generation, we committed to spending one year of our late twenties wandering the globe.”

I read this with huge relief, because lost is exactly how I would describe myself for the past several years, and the notion that this emotional state could be ascribed to three others like me, let alone my generation as as whole is incredibly comforting. Maybe my desire to spend a year living out of a backpack with camera in hand, writing and experiencing is actually perfectly normal.


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