What I’m Actually Missing Most

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t think everyone is like me, but I’m sure there are several others out there. I definitely have a very dear friend who shares my disposition.  And it is the disposition to be focused on what you are missing out on instead of focusing on the very wonderful thing you are actually doing.

I don’t know if I have always been this way. As a child did I think about the toy I didn’t get for Christmas while playing with the one I did? Did I think about pizza when I was eating pasta? Did I play dress up and only long for blocks?

I did struggle to make choices between toys and treats and playtime activities always wanting to do everything, never able to choose just one. I have always found ordering just one thing on a menu absolutely impossible and repeatedly as a kid only realized just what I really wanted after the waiter walked away with our order. My parents didn’t really appreciate that.

And then thisis morning I was reading “The First Husband” by Laura Dave and this paragraph struck me. It highlighted my disability perfectly. Here our main character Annie Adams explains why a travel column promoting a cheaper travel option over a more expensive option failed.

“Who didn’t want to experience a city without breaking the bank? It wasn’t until years later that I realized what what we had done wrong. It wasn’t that we had provided a free option, it was that we had also provided the expensive option beside it. It was in the comparison that we lost the readers. Because all they could see then, was the option they wouldn’t be taking. All they could think about was they’d get if they could spend more. About what was about to be missed.” (The last line is key, it sums me up perfectly).

In life I constantly feel this way. I couldn’t choose a major in college because there were so many options and what if I was missing out on exactly what I was meant to do? After college, choosing just one profession? Ludicrous! There is so much to do in this world, why only specialize in one thing. The trouble is I can never seem to be content for long periods of time because I’m so worried about what I’m missing out on. Funny thing is, in my effort to never miss out on anything I’m missing out on one of the biggest things of all–life. Is that irony?


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