About Life Under Lone Peak

This blog was meant to be many things–a look into a major move from city to country, a glance into me living as the romantics intended, an update for family–but I really don’t know what I want it to be. I’m a perfectionist at heart but created this blog and it’s name almost on a whim, just to get the ball rolling.  I didn’t even like blogging when I started this way back in December. Now I love blogging and the opportunity it grants me to write, to express myself, my thoughts, my struggles and failings, and to just think out loud. I mostly want to blog simply to share my story, because maybe someone will stumble upon my words and relate a little or take comfort in knowing they aren’t the only one to feel a certain way.

I hope you enjoy. Comment to all your heart’s desire, both good and bad. And please feel free to contact me at vapintar@gmail.com.

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